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About ~ James B. Driscoll

James B. Driscoll, CEP, LUTCF, is President of Senior Services as well and is  a well-known financial and estate planning educator & lecturer in North East Ohio and Western Pennsylvania.  James had started in the business in 1984 with Metropolitan Insurance Company, then got into management with John Hancock Life Insurance Company in 1987.  He began his own practice in 1991 and has been assisting investors for over 25 years.  He has expanded his practice to include advanced tax consulting, tax preparers and CPA’s on retainer.  Mr. Driscoll is author of two books “Financial Security for Mature Americans” how to avoid outliving your money, and his latest book “A Guide to Personal Finance and Estate Planning”.

Specializing with seniors since he began his own practice in 1991 he has handled planning situations that are unique to the Baby Boomers and the Seniors.  He has advised over 800 retirees and pre-retires with their Tax, Financial, Medicaid, and Estate planning strategies.  Jim specializes in tax and retirement planning with IRA’s, Roth IRA’s, 401k’s, 403b’s, non-qualified and qualified planning.

Mr. Driscoll is a Certified Estate Planner, Tax Consultant, Paralegal, & Notary Public for the state of Ohio.  His practice focuses on helping you earn & keep more of your money protecting it from income taxes, social security taxation, getting tax-free income, nursing homes, and passing it more effectively to your heirs.  He has written numerous articles on Tax and Estate Planning for many publications and does free seminars for church and senior groups.

Personal Finance, Estate Planning and Tax Planning are not simple concepts and are constantly changing along with tax laws.   Jim’s goal is to turn these complex concepts into simple-to-understand strategies for retirees and pre-retirees.  These strategies mold one of the most important aspects of our lives…our FUTURE.

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